Author: James Dawson

BRRRR Strategy

So, have you heard of the BRRRR strategy? This is one of our favorites. It stands for: BUY (for cash) REHAB RENT REFINANCE REPEAT This can be a great way to build your rental empire. If you can find the right deals you can get most if not all of your money out during the […]

Good Help

Good help can be hard to find when investing in real estate. You would be surprised at how many real estate agents we contact that either do not respond back or just are not interested in spending the time to look for the right property for us. Once you find a good one, stick with […]

How to Find Cheap Houses

How to find houses cheap like the professionals. Figuring how to buy cheap houses is in my opinion the number one skill that will allow you to become a successful real estate investor and is a key in any how to invest in real estate course, or at least it should be. Cheap houses for […]

Looking for more…

We got our last property rented out a couple of weeks ago. We bought the house thinking it would be a fix and flip but because of some contractor issues we overpaid on some things. Therefore, instead of making a small profit we decided to turn the remodeled house into a fix and rent. We […]