Cash Investors

We have two different options for all cash investors.

First, we can help you find a property for purchase that you can remodel and flip, remodel and rent orImage result for flipping a house purchase a property for the purpose of renting it out. Maybe we already have one, check our our FOR SALE section to see. Keep in mind, not all properties are on our site. You should contact us just to be sure.

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Second, we offer some limited passive income investment opportunities where you can hold the mortgage on one of our properties for a much better return than you are receiving with your existing investments.

Advantages of our passive income approach.Image result for safe real estate investing

  1. Your investments is secured by a primary (and only) mortgage on real estate.
  2. You can earn a much higher and more consistent return on your money as compared to most standard investments.
  3. Your investment is protected by a property insurance policy which substantially reduces your downside risk in this type of investing. You can’t really get this type of risk reduction in the stock market.

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