Want to Bird Dog for us?

There are lots of ways you can make money in real estate, one if by being a bird dog for us. What does a Bird Dog do?

Simple, if you find a good house for us to buy we will pay you a minimum of $500.00 just for forwarding the lead to us.

There are a few disclaimers.

  1. You have to be the first one to forward us the property.
  2. We have to purchase the property. We are not obligated to purchase the property.

We are currently looking for properties around the Huntsville, AL; Decatur, AL; Scottsboro, AL; and Guntersville, AL areas. From time to time we might have buyers in other areas so feel free to contact us.

We will also give you some specifics about what we are looking for once you contact us.

Please complete the form below if you want to Bird Dog for us.